Radiant Heating System

Radiant Heating focuses on the heat loss of the people in the room rather than the air temperature.  This means it warms up humans and objects in the room directly without heating the air.  Imagine your body is a radiator, so if we can control the heat loss of your body, you will feel warm and comfortable at the same time.

Radiant heat is a very old technology. The Romans used radiant heat as a means to warm up their castles and palaces.  These days, it is gaining popularity again as the price to acquire and install it became more affordable, and an increasing number of people are aware of the benefits of radiant heat and the comfort it creates in their homes.

Convection systems, such as baseboard heaters and forced air systems, heat air as a medium to warm up the room. But since hot air rises, they virtually heat the ceiling, creating an energy wasting cycle, moving dust and germs and drying the air in the process, while creating inconsistent temperatures throughout the room, as air continues to move. As hot air moves, it becomes more vulnerable to infiltration and exfiltration, creating an uncomfortable environment and a poor indoor air quality.

Unlike convection heating systems, radiant heat does not heat air as a medium to transfer the heat. Instead, it radiates the heat directly to humans and objects in the room, reducing air movement, ensuring better comfort and reducing energy consumption. Petra Building Solutions provides a full heat-loss analysis for each chamber to ensure the system is properly sized to the needs of each chamber. This way, you will never be paying more for a system that is over-sized, nor will you be paying for a system that will underperform.

We have a set of products that will help you achieve the ultimate comfort that you have been striving for.

Valuable reasons to opt for the electric radiant heating system

  • This innovative solution allows you to separate the heating system from the ventilation system, so that you can balance both systems properly;
  • It offers a superior heating comfort, with a gentle even temperature from floor to ceiling;
  • It can be effectively zoned to maximize comfort and minimize operating costs;
  • The panels can be connected to a Comfort Controller, to manage the environment levels of each room on each floor, which minimizes energy waste, and creates a more comfortable space.